The Top 3 Favorite Meals Cooked on a Propane Camp Stove in the World!

The universal answer to the 3 favorite meals is as follows:

(1) Breakfast, so wake up cook! (2) Lunch, so wake up cook! (3) Dinner, so wake up cook!

The obvious answer to (1) is breakfast. But the true camping way is to have your coffee or tea first. Then work your way into your scheduled waking hour to get to your camp site. So you can spend the entire day getting your act together and only take a 5 hour break to go to the “relatively nearby” campsite. For some, the smell of food cooking over the fire can be enough to get them up. I find that a combination of hot beverage and coolers (i.e. hibachis) can help you maintain a chilled and collected mood throughout the entire camping ritual.

One burner stove or propane stove: You will not need to prepare breakfast. Everybody knows that. But if you want to have a memorable experience, why not have 2 or 3 people cook breakfast on one burner? Talk about bonding with the significant other. Sharing an early morning activity together is always a rewarding experience.

Snacks and Snogging: The great outdoors is a wonderful place to spend a few hours. But you have to walk to the place you want to visit. Gas ovens and pots are great for keeping your food warm and your drinks cold, even out in the middle of February. By the way, if you absolutely have to cook breakfast at your campsite, bring along a couple of pots and pans and an outdoor stove (like a boeuf).

Laissez and Donjinn: France is a very popular camping destination, especially to people who like outdoor activities. If you decide to spend your vacation in France, it is best to hire a car (or get your own bicycle or backpack) for easy transportation. There are several camping sites in France that feature RV hookups, so you can stay at a site and actually park most of the time in a parking area.

A portable fridge:Before you head out on your trip, it is best to have a back up plan to run on. Electricity is not always available or needed. So make sure you have a portable fridge that you can rely on in all weather conditions.

This also applies to your cook stove. You may need to bring extra fuel for your stove if you are not sure that the fuel is ready to be used.

Snow Kite Kite Fun:empfoam shots put kitesomewhere in the middle of the sky and if you charge your kite enough for this to be viable, you can actually get a couple of kites. If you just charge it on your credit card, you will be able to use it to fly around and perform tricks such as loops and boomerangs. A good lesson plan will keep your kite skills sharp.


Today, kites, and specifically kites for RVing, are packed a lot better and are a lot sturdier. Many manufacturers have left the traditional version of a kite to the last. A well-equipped kite-powered RV should be able to handle the roughest RVing weather.

Brands such as North Face and Thrill seekers have done away with the need for a traditional wind-up radio in favor of stock, rechargeable batteries and plug-in music players. This should make your camping experience a lot more fun! Whether you are listening to music or engaging in non-rally caravan activities, you can use your phone, tablet or even your GPS to keep you on track.

Perishable foods:Remember that when you pick up your RV that your refrigerator is probably not going to be as stocked as your home food fridge. So things like meats, cheeses and milk will probably be at least a short trip away. If your motorhome is equipped with 30 amp service and you run out of gas or you need more juice than you bargained for, you will need to visit the area specified in your instruction manual.

Extra fuel:Most if not all RVs have an on-board generator that supplies power to the appliances that run your life. If you run out of gas or you run out of food then you will need to visit the area specified in your manual. Most if not all RVs have a two-way radio that can be used to call for help.

Navigation:If you are not familiar with how to navigate a road or highway using your GPS, then you should proace yourself and find out how to do it before you get out there.