Adventures in Peru – Hiking Across the High Plain

A few years ago, I was planning on spending the whole month of July in the neighboring district of Ayacucho, working with other missionaries there, but as often happens here, plans change. I had been thinking of heading south to a place called Huambo, maybe looking for a church somewhere, and camping for a couple of nights somewhere (or just taking in the scenery). I had just talked to a friend who had just returned from a trek in the same direction, and she said that she had found it. The route I was planning on taking seemed like the perfect match.

I have always enjoyed Peru, but to be honest with you, I didn’t expect to stay there for very long. When I was planning my trip, I had imagined that I would be able to run into the same river that my friends had been, but instead, I ended up going to a totally different area. I ended up staying at the friends of my ex-husband who had a church in Chota, and I tried to get them to agree to meet up for tea at a certain house. I also visited with another friend who had a place in Chota, and stayed at his place for a few days. From what I gather, the area is pretty much the same as it was back in 1999, which is all very boring. I only got to go there because my ex-husband had urged me to, and I owed him one of the best weeks of my life.

Anyhow, it’s not necessary for me to tell you, just know that I have been there before, and here are my opinions of what it is, and why I decide to go there again.

1. The People

First of all, you have to meet the people. Ibiza is a club for young people, and like all clubs, there are some people who are there only to have a good time, and there are some who are there to be with their friends, or date. But there are still a lot of great people out there, and if you ever talk to someone who has been to Ibiza, you will find out that everyone is friendly, down to earth, and at peace with one another. Most of the people you will meet while you are there, will be friendly, and they will love to see you. But not everyone is an airhead, so do not be surprised if you are ornery one day, and a little grouchy the next. Everyone is alike in their own way; you will not be able to tell a person from a person, or a Thursdays person from a Saturday person. Everyone is human beings, on the surface. But you will be able to tell a lot of people something, about them as human beings, or off their lizard.

2. The Sauna

If you ever visit a Sauna in Ibiza, it is a totally different experience, because you are able to premove yourself in a different environment, and learn a whole lot about the people who are in there. You will be able to ask them about themselves, their names, their hometown, and a whole lot more. premove yourself by asking the more the people who are in there. After you have been there for a while, and you are pretty sure that you will enjoy it, you will be able to go down to the Mar Menor, which is one of the attractions of the Mar Menor, and enjoy the tunnel ride. If you are not up for the tube ride, you can travel on the chair lift to the top of the mountain. The hotel and villa facilities are really good, and you can get really good services as well. The Mar Menor is very close to the airport, if you are flying to any foreign destination, and the tunnel ride is also close. You can go away with your company and have a good time, and have a fantastic holiday.

3. Ibiza Beach

If you are looking for the best compromise between staying out in the wild and staying in a hotel, then you should be looking at Ibiza beach in Ibiza. The island is well known for its beaches, and if you are looking for any other reason than the beaches to visit Ibiza, well, then, I am afraid that you will not find any other reason but the beaches. Ibiza beach is still one of the most beautiful beaches that I have ever seen, and for me, it is the reason why I have decided to go there for a week or so. The other beaches are fantastic, but for some reason, Ibiza seems to have all the special attractions.

4. Crabs

I have to say that I have fallen totally in love with the German Grey Crabs.